Gender Neutral Shower Gifts

Gender Neutral Shower Gifts

Kudos to parents who don’t find out the gender of baby; life is meant to be surprising. Shower goers and gift givers on the other hand have another opinion. “I don’t know what to gift; the parents aren’t finding out the gender”, “I wish the parents would just find out the gender”, are just a few phrases one says when searching for the perfect baby shower gift . At Bundle, we have plenty of ideas to satisfy the gender neutral requirement—baby memory books, blankets, toys and much more.

Gifting a baby memory book is a touching and meaningful gift. Short and sweet, our BMB showcases all of the baby’s firsts, capturing the moments parents will want to hold on to. Shades of green color the inside with a non-gender specific cover. on the As baby grows this book is a great tool to stroll down memory lane.

Aden & Anais easy swaddles and slumber sacks are also a great gender-neutral gift. Decorated in different kids of prints, like jungle theme and stars, this gift is practical and falls underneath the gender-neutral category.

Toys, books and cds are hardly gender specific and are great gift add-ons when you’re unsure if baby is a boy or girl.

Use these suggestions and think outside the box when shopping for a baby gift. Creativity is key, especially when shopping for a baby unknown!