Fun Outfit Ideas for Little Boys

Moms of boys sometimes think they have it tough.  There are so many fewer options when dressing little boys, they say.  Where the girls have pants and skirts and dresses and rompers and hair accessories, moms of boys basically get to pick between shorts or pants, long-sleeve shirts or short-sleeve shirts.  Not nearly as much fun, it would seem.

As a Mom of three boys (and one girl, so I've done a fair amount of shopping for both!), I used to think that way.  But after 7 years of dressing boys, I've come to change my mind.  It is simply not true that dressing boys isn't as fun as dressing girls--you just have to know a few secrets!

First, think layers!  That gives you more room to add pattern, texture, and color to every outfit.

Next, think accessories!  A fun hat or a cute necktie go a long way to making an outfit fun and exciting.

And last, think patterns and color!  Find a color combo you love (navy and neutrals, or greens and grey) and pick multiple patterns in the same muted tones.  Or go with bright colors all together--those pops of color go a long way to making an outfit more fun.

Here are some examples of stylish outfits that make dressing little boys every bit as fun as dressing the girls!

Patterns and textures in neutral tones:

Wheat Indigo Plaid Shirt; Tea Collection Lined Cargo Pants; Andy & Evan Toggle Sweater and Houndstooth Fedora

Bright pops of color for fun style:

Pearls & Popcorn Time Out Tee; Andy & Evan Mustard Cords; Appaman Puffy Vest; Wheat Striped Knit Hat

Keep these little secrets in mind and have so much fun shopping for your little guy!



Jessica blogs daily about the layers of motherhood at her site, Little Nesting Doll.  She and Bundle owner Allison have been friends ever since their college days, and Jessica's daughter was one of Allison's inspirations for starting Bundle!