Guest Blogger: Healthy Summer Eating

The unofficial start to summer is upon us! Not only does that mean that it is now adorable baby summer fashion season, but also that it's time for more outdoor activities, especially barbecues. But when all those hamburgers and hot dogs become too much, don’t worry – healthy summer eating options are available! Here, Penny Tylor, RN, BSN, shares some healthy alternatives to some of your summer barbeque favorites. – Allison  

Summer is just around the corner and it is almost time for relaxing by the pool, barbeques, and outdoor fun! This summer, try eating more plant-based, whole foods. A great way to “wrap it up” (kind of like wrapping yourself up in a towel after a refreshing swim) is to try some delicious and nutritious wraps! It’s so simple!


  1. Heat the tortilla a bit first to make it softer. (I like to use Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain tortilla wraps.)
  2. Spread a layer of hummus on the tortilla and then put a handful of sprouts, some chopped romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados.
  3. Wrap it up and there you go! It's a health wrap!


You can also wrap up your favorite veggies – shredded carrots, bell peppers, shredded zucchini squash, cilantro, onions – the possibilities are endless! If you don't have hummus, you can use smashed up avocados or black beans as your "glue" for your wrap. If you want to get real vegetable savvy, try spreading out 3 romaine leaves and use the hummus to "glue" the pieces together. Add your veggies, and wrap THAT up!

Don't shy away from the barbeque by thinking that the only things that go on it are hamburgers and hot dogs. The barbeque is a great place for corn on the cob. Take the husk off to clean it and get the corn silk out. Then put the little jacket back on after giving it a little rub with a bit of olive oil. Let it get good a roasted!

Roasted asparagus, zucchini squash, onions, and peppers on the barbeque are great too. Just a little olive oil and spices, such as garlic powder and pepper, are all you need. If you are feeling left out because you do not have a burger to bite into, no problem! Marinate a beautiful big portobello mushroom in Italian dressing for about an hour or two. Place that on the grill! You will be the envy of the barbeque when you bite into your healthy, cholesterol-free, mouth-watering masterpiece! So get excited to celebrate summer and celebrate good, healthy eating!

By Penny Tylor, RN, BSN, Health Coordinator, Diocese of Tucson, Coordinated Health Division K-12