Holiday Decorating With Kids

My kids and I have very different ideas about how our holiday decorations should look.  And although I want to make the holiday as magical and fun and child-centered as I can, I also have to live in my house and I cannot look at a Christmas tree with all the ornaments hung on the bottom two feet every single day for a month. 

When my 9- and 7-year olds were very little, they used to rearrange the ornaments on the bottom of the tree every day.  Or every hour.  They broke a lot of ornaments, which was both frustrating to clean up constantly, and scary because I didn't want them to get cut or hurt on a broken ornament.  We had to put a baby gate around the tree for one Christmas, which really took away from the beauty of the rest of the decorations.

A few years ago, I made one very small purchase that really made a huge difference--I bought each of my 4 kids their own tree!  Not a full-sized tree, but a small table-top artificial tree.  One for each kid.  I think they were $4.99 at Target (probably the week after Christmas).

Now each of my children can decorate their own tree, which is fun for everyone.  Because if my daughter wants all bright blue and flourescent green ornaments on her tree, that's okay with me!  And when my 7-year old wants only sports-themed decorations on his tree, that's okay with me!  And if my 5-year old wants Ninja Turtles and Captain America figures stuck on his tree, that's okay with me!  If my 3-year old wants to rearrange his ornaments every single day, that's okay with me!  Because my tree looks pretty and just how I want it.  And their trees look just how they want them, too.  Everyone wins!

This one small purchase really made decorating the tree more fun and less frustrating for all of us, which makes the holiday season that much more enjoyable.  And that's what it's all about.

Happy Holidays and Happy decorating!



Jessica blogs daily about the layers of motherhood at her site, Little Nesting Doll.  She and Bundle owner Allison have been friends ever since their college days, and Jessica's daughter was one of Allison's inspirations for starting Bundle!