Hugs & Kisses Owl Baby Memory Book

Hugs & Kisses Owl Baby Memory Book

Price: $65.00

Each handmade cover of these sweet memory books is wrapped in unbleached, natural 100% cotton fabric, and then smothered with an original, hand cut design that is then attached to beautifully painted paper. Elegant Swarovski crystals and a sheer organza ribbon make the cover shimmer and adds a unique contrast to the natural aesthetics of the book. Attention to detail is seen throughout the thirty pages of the book.

From “my story begins” to “my first day of school”, and each and every page in between, you will have unlimited personalization of all of baby's first milestones and memories. The book also includes the original poem entitled, "My Story". It was written for you from a child's perspective with the hopes that you will keep recording all of the special events of his or her first five years.

What a priceless gift to pass along to your child!

actual book size: 10" x 9" x 1"