Taunina Emma Bunny

Price: $270.00

We adore the bold pink color and striking patterns of this Taunina bunny’s feature fabric, which has been lovingly complemented by intricate flower applique motifs. Each daisy, pansy and pink lavender petal has been given exquisite embroidery detail, turning fabric and thread into a real work of art.

Emma was born in Cape Town, South Africa and lovingly made by Gisele Saidi Kasumba.

Each Taunina collectable is sent out into the world with its own unique passport and travels inside a beautiful and re-usable organza bag and keepsake hat box.

Size: Petite, 10 inches tall. 

Every Taunina creation is brought to life with a very special purpose: to tell the story of the artist who infused it with her soul, to connect the lives of artist and guardian (the person given the honor of looking after a Taunina teddy bear, bunny  rabbit or puppy dog), and to change the world one lovingly made stitch at a time.

Taunina collectable soft toys are inextricably linked to the artists who created them, reflecting their stories, histories, hopes, and dreams. Each collectable soft toy carries their initials, transforms their belief in themselves, supports them financially, and changes their lives – and the lives of their families – for the better.

This makes a Taunina collectable  so much more than a  teddy bear or bunny rabbit. It’s a gift with meaning and soul. Most important, it’s a gift that helps realize dreams: both for the artists and for Taunina’s customers, who are able to make a real difference in someone’s life. A Taunina handmade appliqued collectable soft toy is a highly personal, symbolic and unique gift. A rare and exquisite work of art. A thing of beauty, both inside and out.