Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

Your best friend is pregnant and you’re extremely excited to throw the baby shower. There’s just one problem – you don’t know where to begin! You’ve tasted your fair share of cakes shaped like babies and played too many bad shower games to count (yes, guessing the type of chocolate candy bar in a diaper is as bad as it sounds). But the baby shower you throw will be different!


With all aspects of the baby shower, the most important thing is to take into consideration the wishes of the mom-to-be. After all, it’s a party for her and her little one. When it comes to timing, it’s best to wait until one or two months before the baby is due. At this point mom-to-be should still be comfortable (too early and there may still be morning sickness, too late and you risk an uncomfortable pregnant woman as the center of attention or even the little one being born before the actual shower!). By the end of the second trimester and into the third, the mom will know the gender (if they chose to find out) and will most likely have a nursery theme picked out which will make it easier for her to register for items she needs.


Choosing the theme is one of the most exciting parts of throwing a baby shower. Again, make sure you take into consideration the opinion of the new mom – but once that is established you can go to town! Some people chose to match their baby shower theme with that of their nursery, so if the nursery is full of elephants, the baby shower can be too. also has a list of great baby shower themes including some of our favorites like Little Birdie, Sweet Peas, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Sprinkles.


The time of day you chose to hold the baby shower will dictate what type of food you serve. Many people choose to have brunch baby showers and serve little snacks rather than have a formal lunch or dinner menu. Frittatas serve as a good main dish along with fruit salad and muffins or another type of sweet bread with jams. For drinks, try the “Perfect Fruit Punch” from Spoonful, serve coffee and tea, and even have good old fashioned mimosas on hand for the guests while they watch the new mom open her gifts!


The most exciting part of the baby shower is always watching the mom-to-be open her new baby presents (especially because you know your gift will be her favorite!). If your friend needs some help creating a registry, show her Bundle’s Baby Registry Guidelines to get some ideas and register at Bundle!