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Being a mom is the best thing ever. This explains why this blog was born.

Helping pregnant women and mothers connect and access important advice that can get them through pregnancy and motherhood. We understand the delicate nature of pregnancy and what’s involved in motherhood, hence only provide authoritative information.

Bundle NYC is run by mothers for moms, new and experienced alike.

We understand that no two pregnancies are the same. Therefore, even experienced mothers have lots to learn and gain from our useful blog.

Do's and Dont's on Healthy Diet & Fitness Guides

Tips and Advice for a healthy pregnancy diet just for you and your baby. Performing safe exercises while you are pregnant can boost and help you get the healthy vibe of energy you and your baby need.

Nutrition During Pregnancy Guide

It's important that you are eating nutritious meals and snacks and we'll help you avoid unsafe food by giving you all the right information you need to know.

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Must-have essentials for new moms

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Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anticipation. Although every pregnancy is different, there are some common facts that all expectant mothers should be aware of. For example, did you know that the average

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Frequent Asked Questions We Have

Check our resource on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Get an over the counter testing kit to verify whether you are pregnant or not. You should also consider getting tested if you’re still not convinced. A medical doctor can do a pregnancy test for a small fee.

Otherwise, some basic signs to look out for include nausea, vomiting, reduced weight and change in appetite or the love of foods you previously enjoyed eating.

We get many questions from new moms-to-be regarding what they can and can’t do to keep their pregnancies safe. This totally depends on your pregnancy level or period. Are you in the first, second or third trimester?

Can I fly? Can I drink alcohol? Can I smoke? Can I take certain medication? These are some questions we often receive from our audience. It’s not possible to answer everything you can or can’t do because no two pregnancies are the same.

Check our blog posts or connect with other mothers in our community to learn more about what you can and can’t do. We advise that you explore various tasks to find out what you can’t do. Otherwise, avoid working on tedious tasks and get lots of bed rests even as you keep active.

You can tell how your baby looks like at different times in your pregnancy using our guide. The guide will tell you how your baby looks week-by-week.

Some of the essential items you will need in the first week include a baby cot, sleeping suits, baby clothing, cardigans, nappies, and jackets. You’ll also need diapers, breast pads, nursing bras, hat, booties, mittens, bibs, and feeding bottles.

Towels and a diaper bag are also necessary. Make sure that you have a checklist when going shopping to avoid impulse buying. The list will also ensure that you don’t forget to buy an essential for your new bundle of joy.

Yes. Some level of backache is normal during pregnancy. However, if you’re experiencing chronic pain, seek medical help. However, you can engage in some light activities or exercises to ease and prevent the backache.

Popularly known as the C-section, a caesarian birth entails undergoing surgery to get the baby out of your womb safely. It’s a common method for mothers experiencing complications during birth.

However, it’s also a preference for women who don’t want to experience the pain associated with natural birth. Your doctor will explain to you what happens during C-section and the possible risks depending on your situation.

Yes. You should give your baby a bath. However, you don’t need to bath your baby daily. Make sure that the weather is warm when cleaning the baby or warm the room before bath time.