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5 Simple Homemade Meals for Baby Shower

Baby showers are overrated. People go the extra mile to order expensive dishes from restaurants and purchase high-end gifts as a surprise to the mom-to-be.

Does this mean the low and middle-income earners can’t do a decent baby shower? Obviously, the answer is no.

Motherhood comes with a host of challenges and joys in equal measure. Every new mom attests to the fact that it’s a new phase of life incomparable to any other.

The pleasure and anxiety that comes with it require preparation. Traditionally, baby showers were training sessions where a mother was prepared to expect in the delivery room and baby care in general.

Modernity has turned things around to become a show-off kind of event.

Friends and family want to compete on how they love the new mom as much as that’s not exactly what is in their hearts.

How then can you host a simple baby shower with unusual gifts?

Here are a few ideas

  • Host the event in a friend’s house/compound
  • Opt for homemade meals
  • Make a guest list to prevent get-crashers
  • Pool resources and plan with what you have
  • Let all attendees carry different gifts
  • Use the power of masses

With these tips and ideas, you will hold a classy and straightforward baby shower event with more focus on the fun and the gifts for the mother-to-be.

When we talk of homemade meals, what exactly is the point?

People should understand that a baby shower event should be all about the mother and her unborn child.

Yes, people are coming to make merry, but there is no economic sense to spend a lot of money on what you consume in a day’s event and leave the mother with fewer gifts.

The opposite should be the case. Without blinking an eye, making homemade meals is way cheaper and healthier than ordering form a restaurant.

How best can you do this?

  • Have a budget and share with your friends
  • Let attendees make the meals from their homes and bring them cooked
  • Opt for an in-house caterer to make the meals for you
  • Buy canned foods to minimize food expenditure
  • Choose healthy snacks for the event
  • Bake and decorate a cake to grace the occasion

Just like at a wedding, an expensive wedding doesn’t necessarily mean a classy one. Straight to the point, here are the 5 Simple Homemade Meals for Baby Shower

1. Healthy snacks

You are at home and free to make whatever meal of choice. It’s not time to indulge.

 By the way, you may even make meals only to notice that most attendees are on a weight loss program and prefer to pop their keto pills.

You need to factor in guests who may want to combine it with other healthy foods to maintain their weight loss diet.

As you send invitation letters, let people give you their desired meal plans to avoid wastage. It comes in handy to guide you on healthy snacks you can prepare for the event.

The most common healthy snacks include

  • Nuts
  • Popcorns
  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal or breakfast cereals
  • Celeries

2. Fruits and vegetables

As much as money is the driving point to the best meal, health is also paramount in such an event.

People have lifestyle diseases, and the cravings or lack of an option for a healthy meal may tempt them to indulge in foods warned by the doctors creating more problems.

At this point, then opt for fruits and vegetables.

Their different colors and way of presentation make a difference. If you can cook some of them, plants, then that an excellent option.

3. Smoked dishes

It’s that time of the year you want to indulge and have fun with your friends. Why not use this chance to put the smoker in the backyard and roast your variety of dishes for your baby shower?

With proper planning and more workforce, it ends up being a party with a difference. You can choose it to do it yourself or engage an outside caterer to give you time to follow the day’s events.

The meals should cater to vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

4. Pastries

A party is all about food. Why not showcase your talent in making pastries and make the baby shower of this mom memorable.

Have fun when doing this. Let everyone come up with their pastry recipe and build it. Serve it in the table with a drink of choice.

Once everything is set on the table, you can’t believe the work of your hands. There is power in masses.

5. Buffet

A baby shower is also party time. When you have all the time and money, make all manner of foods to ensure that the guests get everything to their fill.

 The buffet is a simple though tiresome kind of cooking, for you must prepare all way of foods to accommodate all visitors.

Moreover, some may opt to do a three-course meal. Why not, if it’s a day’s event and you want to spoil yourself. Let it be. The bottom line is to plan, plan, and plan well for the success of the game.

Your focus should be on the meals and the guest who comes to teach the upcoming mom and others on parenting.

Some go the extra mile to get a midwife to take her through the dos and don’ts in the labor room.

As you opt for homemade meal consider the following factors

  • The time to consume the meals
  • The dietary needs of the attendees
  • The time involved in the preparation process
  • The number of expected guest

When tasked to plan for the baby shower, focus on the mother and the coming baby. Don’t steal the show.

Let the meal preparation be a by-the-way, but more emphasis should be on activities around the unborn baby and the mother.