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We’re always on standby, ready to support every mother through her personal experience with pregnancy and motherhood.

Bundle NYC was founded over five years ago to offer pregnant women and mothers the support they need throughout pregnancy and motherhood, respectively. Our team, including founders, is made up of experienced mothers who’ve birthed and brought up at least five kids each.

Our team of mothers are mothers who’ve been there and done that. And, with kids all grown up, we decided to begin this blog and share our experiences with you. You’ll also learn how we overcame various issues typical of pregnancy and motherhood.

Moreover, we also bring onboard specialists and experts in these issues to get more complex issues tackled in the right manner.

Every mother’s journey through pregnancy and into motherhood is unique. It’s a time when women undergo many bodily changes.

Pregnancy also throws moms into a whole new world of emotions, including experiences they’ve never undergone before. This even applies to moms with other kids.
Some mothers need a lot of reassurance during these emotional times. And, it’s a time when they have more questions than answers on issues they encounter. That’s where Bundle NYC comes in.

We’ve purposed to ensure that every mother out there gets access to the information and support they need. The resources and support help them get through not only pregnancy but also walks them into motherhood with ease.

We’re always on standby, ready to support every mother through her personal experience with pregnancy and motherhood. We take our role in a pregnant mother’s life seriously and thus only present information that’s verifiable and backed by studies or health professionals.

Most of our information is shared by medical experts, pediatricians, doctors, gynecologists, and other health professionals – unless, of course, it’s just general shopping information. Even so, the shopping information is based on our personal experiences. This makes them authentic.

At Bundle NYC, we also present mothers just like you with an opportunity to become part of our growing online community of moms. Mothers on the platform assist each other get through pregnancies and motherhood through shared experiences.

Some moms are even professionals themselves, offering free advice on issues pertaining to your pregnancy, child-birth or even bringing up your loved ones. Make sure you register to become part of our community. You’ll definitely learn a lot from other mothers who’re already part of the community.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter and enjoy weekly emails tailored to your level of pregnancy or motherhood. We also give other freebies and giveaways to help you get through this season.